Amanda Kayhart - Running the Tides

For our February meeting of the Lesfic Book Club, we discussed Running the Tides by Amanda Kayhart. If you weren't able to make it, check out the transcript below.

A couple of notes on the transcript:

If you want to join us live, we discuss lesfic novels every month at (sign up or follow me on Twitter to find out what we're reading next). Some chat participants requested that their names be obscured, so below you'll see that everyone has been anonymized as Reader 1, Reader 2, etc.

Reader 1 4:00 PM

It’s book club time! @Amanda did you find us?

Reader 2 4:00 PM

I'm here....although I haven't fully finished the book.. I was live yesterday for like 6 hrs on facebook and totally fell asleep reading....but I'm really loving the book! :heart_eyes:

Amanda 4:00 PM

Hey, y'all

Reader 3 4:00 PM

Hey Amanda.

Reader 4 4:00 PM

Oh hey hi I have the first question here's the first question Amanda why are you so perfect

Amanda 4:01 PM

omg, Reader 4. no lol

Reader 4 4:01 PM

Reader 4 yes

Reader 5 4:01 PM

Hi I’m Reader 5 and so excited to join for the first time.

Reader 2 4:01 PM

Hey Amanda!

Reader 1 4:01 PM

Hi Reader 5, good to have you!

Reader 7 4:01 PM

Hi :wave:

Reader 4 4:01 PM

Hi Reader 5!! You joined just in time

Reader 6 4:01 PM

Hi guys

Reader 2 4:01 PM

Hey Reader 5 welcome to joy of book club

Amanda 4:02 PM

It's honestly so humbling people actually like my writing? lol

Reader 4 4:02 PM

Your writing is amazing and the book was amazing :triumph:

Reader 2 4:02 PM

what's not to like? Its amazing! and beautiful

Reader 3 4:02 PM

Can't believe it's your first book.

Reader 1 4:02 PM

Yes, it was a great read, Amanda!

Reader 7 4:02 PM

Can I ask please.... Freegans? Like how? Have you personal experience?

Reader 1 4:02 PM

Have you written short stories or anything prior to Running the Tides? If not, what made you decide to write it?

Amanda 4:03 PM

I can. Because I went back through it for this, and I'm like "wow, i can't believe I wrote that" lol

Reader 6 4:03 PM

The book was warm and funny. I even cried a little

Amanda 4:03 PM

LOL dumpster girl gets a lot of reactions that's for sure

Reader 5 4:03 PM

I was soooo stunned that it was partially set in Saratoga. My hometown

Amanda 4:04 PM

my wife actually suggested her character for a date after watching some weird show on TLC about cheap people? lol

Reader 4 4:04 PM

Omg :joy: that's a great origin story

Reader 2 4:04 PM

can I say I loved her until that part haha that's one way to scare you away finding someone at a bar haha

Reader 5 4:04 PM

And yes Popes pizza is very good!!

Reader 1 4:04 PM

I was waiting for Dumpster Girl to be the love interest, like ooh, how’s Amanda going to spin this? :smile:

Reader 7 4:04 PM

Yes she was so trashy! :joy:

Amanda 4:04 PM

I'm from Burnt Hills, actually, so a little south of Saratoga. I lived there until I was twelve, when I moved to VT with my family

Reader 4 4:05 PM

Omg Reader 1 me too :joy::joy: I was like oh hmmmm very interesting direction here

Amanda 4:05 PM

I've had suggestions for a dumpster girl spin off tbh lol

Reader 4 4:05 PM

Dumpster girl is the real main character

Reader 5 4:05 PM

I was the postal window clerk in Burnt Hills!!!

Reader 7 4:05 PM

Dumpster girl meets Stig of the Dump! I can see it now

Reader 3 4:05 PM

The book was so sensual, the way you write about the landscape, the food, the sex.... Lol.

Reader 2 4:05 PM

yes Reader 1 me too...and then I'm like wait its gonna have to do with her grandmother in some way...but totally agreed...I was waiting for her to pop up again (edited)

Reader 1 4:06 PM

Haha cool - maybe you two have met before and didn’t know it!

Amanda 4:07 PM

In an early draft, dumpster girl did come back, but I ended up cutting her scene out

Reader 5 4:07 PM

It made this reading personal. My daughters and I argue over what pizza place is better lol

Reader 8 4:07 PM

I also had geographic connections. I grew up in eastern Ontario, so upstate NY can feel like “next door” (even though I was an adult before I visited the US). And… now I live in SE Virginia, so I knew the rest area after the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel, and have made a couple of visits to the Outer Banks over the last decade, so I could really picture a lot of your settings in this book!

Reader 5 4:08 PM

I feel the same Reader 8

Amanda 4:08 PM

Ive been to the Outer Banks twice, and especially after writing this, it feels like a second home. I love it there

Reader 5 4:08 PM

You’re an incredible writer. Do you do ARC TEAMS.

Amanda 4:09 PM

The aquarium in the book I based off of the Virginia aquarium in VA Beach

Thank you, Reader 5 :heart_eyes: No ARCs. Just write from the heart, and throw it out there, and hope readers like it? lol probably not the best business model lol

Reader 2 4:10 PM

I believe it works for you!

Reader 1 4:10 PM

‘Write from the heart’ is always a solid start

Reader 4 4:10 PM

You could probably have some good success finding ARC readers here if you decide to change your strategy :eyes:

Reader 7 4:11 PM

Who are you favourite authors and what’s your favourite book?

Reader 2 4:11 PM

books are always better when they are from the heart

Reader 8 4:11 PM

And you definitely did that… there were a couple of times I had to pause for a moment because the emotions were so strong and real

Reader 5 4:11 PM

It definitely does work for you, but I’ll be watching incase you change your mind.

Reader 4 4:11 PM

Yessss it was really strong and I could tell it felt like a personal story for you

Reader 2 4:12 PM

Where did you get Val and her husband from? they were great!

Amanda 4:12 PM

Well, I only started writing in 2015 after I stumbled upon Eliza Lentzski's Winter Jacket. I had no idea lesfic was a thing. That sounds so ridiculous now lol But I'll say Eliza is def one of my favs, but there's SO MANY good authors/books I can't limit my answer

Reader 4 4:13 PM

Hahaha I mean I only found out lesfic was a thing in 2018 so that's a mood, lesbians and getting erased by culture go together like peanut butter and jelly

Reader 4 4:13 PM

Or maple and bacon, in the theme of the book

Amanda 4:13 PM

Giles is based on an actual person I used to work with--he had the handlebar mustache and all. I'm not sure where I came up with Val, tbh. But I wanted a grandmotherly figure for Avery

Reader 2 4:14 PM

and btw who doesn't love Dirty Dancing?? :joy:

Reader 4 4:14 PM

I adored Giles :joy::sparkling_heart:

Amanda 4:14 PM

Dirty Dancing is amazing. That was a little nod to my mom. It's one of the first "adult" romantic movies she let me watch as a kid

Reader 2 4:15 PM

it definitely was great. I love Val she's a hoot!

Reader 5 4:15 PM

Growing up in upstate ny and Vermont I’m not surprised you weren’t aware. However, it’s because of you and others that this genre is booming. Thank you Thank you

Amanda 4:15 PM

Writing this book, the whole time, I was like, why don't these people actually exist? I'd love to hang out with them

Reader 2 4:15 PM

haha really? very nice I guess it is more adult then some movies.. lol

Reader 4 4:16 PM

Oh jeez that's a writer's mood :joy: I'm always like dang why can't real people be like my characters, the real world is so disappointing

Reader 2 4:16 PM

I wouldn't mind hanging out with them all specially Olivia :heart_eyes:

Reader 5 4:17 PM

And why aren’t we making movies out of these wonderful books?

Reader 1 4:17 PM

We should all just get a bed and breakfast slash writer’s retreat and hang out :smile:

Reader 4 4:17 PM

How long did you spend writing this book? It seems to have come together pretty quickly for a first book.

Amanda 4:17 PM

omg, I totally fell for Olivia writing this, I think my wife was a bit jealous lol

Amanda 4:17 PM

That's an amazing idea, Reader 1 yes

Reader 2 4:17 PM

I can see it!

Reader 5 4:18 PM

I can picture these characters on film. Who would you want to play Olivia?

Amanda 4:18 PM

I'm glad it seemed quick lol This is the first piece of fiction I've ever wrote, even though I'm an English major, there was a huge learning curve for me. So, this book took me a little over two and half years to put together.

Reader 1 4:19 PM

Not bad at all for a first novel! Did you use beta readers to help you or was it mostly a solo effort?

Reader 4 4:19 PM

Wow. That is quick :sob:

Reader 4 4:19 PM

We're gonna pretend I didn't take 9 years to publish a book that made numbers

Amanda 4:20 PM

Olivia, physically, is based off of Darby Stanchfield,from Scandal :heart_eyes:

Reader 5 4:20 PM

Reader 4, there is something to be said for perseverance

Reader 2 4:21 PM

at least you didn't trash hide it away like Reader 1 did with her's :wink::wink: ....(sorry you know I have to throw that out there every now and then LOL)

Amanda 4:21 PM

I agree, Reader 5. It doesn't matter how long it takes, just enjoy the process

Reader 4 4:21 PM

That's definitely true :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:

Amanda 4:22 PM

I had help, to answer Reader 1's question. I worked with a student at my college's writing center. My writing partner helped shaped this book for sure

Reader 1, did you throw out an entire MS?

Reader 2 4:22 PM

Take all the time in the world at least you know its well written and it definitely shows it means something to you...for taking your time.

Reader 4 4:23 PM

Okay here's another thing I just have to get out there, what is it with lesfic and lawyers, do lesbians just love lawyers that much :thinking_face:

Reader 2 4:23 PM

its the suits

Reader 4 4:23 PM

I mean, the suits are definitely nothing to complain about :thinking_face:

Amanda 4:23 PM

I'm obsessed with anything law lol The Good Wife is legit one of my favorite shows

Reader 1 4:23 PM

I didn’t throw it out - I just never published it. It was my first book and I learned a lot, but it wasn’t written to market and it didn’t have a whole lot of purpose. I consider it a practice book

Reader 2 4:23 PM

My first book I started my MC is a lawyer lol

Reader 5 4:23 PM

Exactly, the pencil skirts!

Reader 5 4:24 PM

At the risk of sounding ignorant, what is MC?

Reader 4 4:24 PM

You don't have to be a lawyer to wear a blazer and pencil skirt, I do it all the time and I don't even go outside :joy:

Reader 1 4:24 PM

I nominate Cara Delevingne in that I Feel Everything music video for all your WLW suit-wearing lawyer needs!

Reader 8 4:25 PM

I kind of like that you didn’t always take the predictable route. I mean, while this had an element of long-distance relationship, the relationship developing (and always being shown) in person was really good. And, I normally hate where there’s a big secret that’s going to destroy everything… but… while the secret was there, it didn’t feel as unnecessarily dragged out as that type of storyline often can be. It always felt true to the characters, and I appreciated that!

Reader 5 4:25 PM

I agree Reader 1!!

Amanda 4:26 PM

I was hoping the "secret" came off okay, and more true to Avery's kind nature.

Reader 5 4:27 PM

I loved the balance in the book between the amount of sex and passion, to the storyline!! It was perfect!

Reader 4 4:27 PM

The flirting was soooo :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Amanda 4:28 PM

No one was bothered by the 30-page sex scene, I take it? lol

Reader 2 4:28 PM

and NO Jodi Comer in a suit is to die for!! :heart_eyes:

Reader 1 4:28 PM

Yeah, the banter was wonderful, especially when they were first getting to know each other. The sunrise and racing each other across the dunes… :heart:

Reader 5 4:28 PM

Exactly Reader 4!!!

Reader 4 4:28 PM

like a 30-page sex scene is a problem? :woman-shrugging::skin-tone-2:

Reader 2 4:28 PM

of course not..longer the better

Reader 8 4:28 PM

It depends on what definition of bothered you use! :wink:

Reader 4 4:28 PM

I mean tbh the two hundred pages after Avery and Olivia met were basically just foreplay no matter how you look at it so

Reader 1 4:29 PM

“Ugh, I cannot believe you included 30 whole pages of sex” - no one, ever

Amanda 4:29 PM

We'll just blame all that foreplay on Olivia and her issues with women and power tools

Reader 4 4:30 PM

Who can blame her???

Okay so here's the juicy question which part was the best to write and which part was the hardest

Yes, that's two questions, don't point that out

Amanda 4:31 PM

Omg, um, the hardest was probably the fishing date chapter, because of the amount of research I put into it. I knew nothing about deep sea fishing

Reader 4 4:32 PM

Ohhh that was super good though, way to make me wish I could have a hot date on a deep sea fishing boat even though I have never once fished or felt the inclination to do so

Amanda 4:32 PM

The best was the first kiss. I had that scene written before a lot of the others

Reader 4 4:32 PM

Omggg the whole aquarium scene 🥰🥰🥰

the first kiss is always the best scene to write imo

Reader 5 4:33 PM

Yes, the Aquarium scene was one of my favorites

Amanda 4:33 PM

That scene still gives me heart yummies, for real. I know it was a slow, slow burn getting to that part, but hopefully the wait was worth it

Reader 4 4:34 PM

I loved seeing Olivia more vulnerable and as on-the-nose as it was the thing with the stingrays and "taking a risk reaching while they're taking a risk reaching for you" just felt so sweet

Reader 5 4:34 PM

That scene was perfectly placed!!

Reader 1 4:34 PM

Yesss I loved that, it was super romantic and it also managed to make stingrays sound adorable :smile:

Reader 4 4:35 PM

Right?? I never thought I'd think "aw cute fluffy stingrays" but Amanda had the last laugh

Amanda 4:35 PM

Stingrays are adorable. The woman at the aquarium told me when I was doing research they have personalities like puppies? I was like whatttt???

Reader 4 4:35 PM


I love that

Reader 1 4:36 PM

I also had to look up videos hatching sea turtles at one point, so props for all the cute aquatic animal details throughout :smile:

Hmm… now I need to go to Sea World and check out the stingrays

Reader 4 4:36 PM

Watch as aquariums get flooded by lesbians wanting to see cute stingrays and get confused what's going on

Reader 2 4:37 PM

sea turtles are amazing to see hatch. I can say I did see that when I lived in Hawaii

Amanda 4:37 PM

I am OBSESSED with sea turtles. It was def no burden on me doing sea creature research at all. And yes, go pet some stingrays if you get a chance. They're super soft

Turtle hatching is on my bucket list for sure

Reader 5 4:37 PM

Better yet, go to the Caribbean and swim with them. And have one placed on your back. It was amazing

Amanda 4:37 PM

My wife and I did that on our honeymoon. it's wild

Reader 2 4:38 PM

it's beautiful to see...your gonna enjoy it alot Amanda.

Reader 4 4:38 PM

I'm jealous :sob::sparkling_heart: that sounds amazing

Amanda 4:39 PM

I wanted to go shark diving in a cage, but then I watched 47 Meters down, and nevermind

Reader 4 4:39 PM

So you had this interest in aquatic animals and that drove you to make all the Olivia side of things but do you have an interest in carpentry too or where did Avery come from

Reader 2 4:39 PM

where did you have the idea of her grandmother being a closet lesbian and the letters?

Amanda 4:40 PM

Avery's carpentry is because of my grandfather, he made tools for General Electric.

Reader 4 4:40 PM

Ohhhhhh that's so cool :heart_eyes:

Amanda 4:41 PM

When I was a teenager, I came across love letters between my grandmother and her first husband. They were written in the 40s and super romantic. And that's how the idea for Tides started. Love letters...but gay lol

Reader 1 4:41 PM

Aww, that would be so cool to find! Do you still have them?

Reader 8 4:41 PM

I also appreciate the slightly-unusual-for-fiction take on the unsupportive-family-member-reacting-to-coming-out. Not that they were 100% horrible or completely lock-step with the religious teachings they’d learned. As somebody who had an unsupportive mother, it was nice to see something different explaining an intolerant reaction.

Amanda 4:42 PM

I have some. My grandmother was generous enough to let me have them, for this book

Reader 2 4:42 PM

agreed Reader 8

Reader 4 4:42 PM

Did you tell her you were gonna make her book alter-ego gay

Reader 2 4:42 PM

thats amazing..and super cute

Amanda 4:43 PM

LOL not sure she knows what the purpose of them were. I'd like to keep it that way too lol

Reader 3 4:44 PM

Are you a foodie Amanda because food plays quite a role in the book?

Reader 1 4:44 PM

Yeah we don’t necessarily need grandma reading the 30-page love scene

Reader 4 4:44 PM

I am a major foodie and soooo appreciated that aspect of the book :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Reader 2 4:45 PM

oh come grandmother, if she was still alive, would totally get a kick out of it lol

Amanda 4:45 PM

I have a love-hate relationship with food lol I'm def not a foodie, I hate cooking tbh. So I think I just like living vicariously through my characters. You'll see food being a common theme in my books for this reason

Reader 4 4:45 PM

Hahaha that's fair :joy: You can be a foodie and just like eating instead of cooking, that's valid

Amanda 4:46 PM

My grandmother is Uber Catholic, and she would most def not enjoy any aspect of my writing. Esp the amount of times I use the word pussy lol

Reader 2 4:47 PM

yes it was dropped like 10 times or more just in the first chapter :joy:

Amanda 4:47 PM

which is why I forbid my mom from reading it as well lol

Reader 4 4:47 PM

Skylar was a fun character :ok_hand:

Reader 2 4:47 PM

makes sense

Reader 4 4:48 PM

In general if the word pussy is on the first page it makes sense you wouldn't show the book to your mom

Rule of thumb

Amanda 4:48 PM

Skylar was fun. A little aggressive and controlling, tho? But hopefully I made her well-balanced enough

spoiler: I didn't use the word pussy at all in my next book, and I told my mom she's free to read this one lol

Reader 4 4:49 PM

Yeah Skylar really ticked me off when they had their fight but I was glad we got Skylar apologizing and not that thing I see sometimes where it's like "oh we're friends we were both in the wrong it's behind us" like I was expecting to happen

Reader 1 4:49 PM

She seemed like she had room for growth, which always makes for an interesting character. I’d love to see how Veronica changes her over the long-term

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Amanda 4:50 PM

Yes, I just want someone to make me food. My wife hates cooking too, so most nights, we just stare at each other and do nothing until we starve

Reader 1 4:50 PM

I know that feel. “Which of the four restaurants that will deliver around here shall we order tonight?”

Reader 2 4:51 PM

I hate cooking but I like baking...depending on my mood.. :woman-shrugging::skin-tone-3:

Amanda 4:51 PM

our town is too small and rural. There is no delivery here :sob:

Reader 4 4:51 PM

I love cooking so I got a lil inspired to make some fancy food after reading the book haha

So, my roommates appreciate you, Amanda.

Amanda 4:51 PM

y'all need to come over and feed me and my lazy ass lol

Reader 2 4:51 PM

we jut have crappy and lack of delivery restaurants I understand.. lol I make a lot of pasta and tacos

Reader 1 4:52 PM

Haha so basically what I thought I was doing was complaining about my 4 delivery options but actually I was bragging… my bad (edited)

Reader 4 4:52 PM

I'll make you some key lime cheesecakes if you sign your book for me :ok_hand:

Amanda 4:52 PM

LOL the one (1) pizza place we had just closed too.

Reader 1 4:52 PM

Everybody start chipping into the bed and breakfast fund - I’ll bite the bullet and cook for us (for a while anyway)

Reader 4 4:53 PM

See we've got a bunch of cooks this bed and breakfast will be hopping

Amanda 4:53 PM

For real, Reader 1. This needs to happen. I think it should be in the Outer Banks though, because I'm biased. Also, my favorite pizza place ever is down there and I miss it

Reader 1 4:55 PM

Agreed. Plus I just got done watching the Netflix remake of Tales of the City so I’m picturing it kinda like that - great big house full of LGBT+ ladies and creative types living our best lives

Reader 4 4:55 PM

It's a perfect plan :+1:

Amanda 4:56 PM

This is perfect. We can start a GoFundMe to get the ball rolling

Reader 1 4:56 PM

I like it!

Reader 4 4:56 PM

Amanda's book turning us into a business venture :joy::sparkling_heart:

Amanda 4:57 PM

Could we have a hound dog named Harley, too?

Reader 5 4:57 PM

Just let me know where to show up with my knives!!

Reader 1 4:57 PM

Book club is never boring :smile:

We definitely need a mascot - Harley sounds good to me!

Reader 2 4:57 PM

sounds good to me! don't forget Charlie and Scout too

Reader 4 4:57 PM

All we need is the sexy woman with the power tools

Reader 5 4:58 PM

This actually is starting to sound like a good plot for a book!

Reader 1 4:58 PM

I have pretty much every power tool but I wouldn’t say I’m the most competent with them - I can bring them and we can find the lady to wield them when we get down there :smile:

Amanda 4:58 PM

I have a question for everyone, because my mother in law always mentions it when I see her, could Tides have a sequel? If not a full-length, a novella?

Reader 2 4:59 PM

of course you do Reader 1!! haha

YES please!

Reader 4 4:59 PM

Oh, yeah, because running a bed and breakfast with a queer woman owner and hiring a queer woman carpenter good with power tools when she comes and stays definitely won't lead anywhere we have an entire book to see already

Reader 1 4:59 PM

Same couple, or are you thinking of telling Skylar’s story (yes please) or someone else’s in the same setting?

Reader 8 5:00 PM

And… yes, Skylar would be an excellent way to connect with Avery and Olivia.

Reader 5 5:00 PM

Yes, Skylar and Veronica

Reader 7 5:01 PM

Deffo Skylar and Veronica’s story

Amanda 5:01 PM

I don't know? I'd be open to any type of sequel, I guess. I'd love to do Skylar and Veronica, but I think writing a POC as a main character is definately out of my lane?

Reader 3 5:01 PM

Can you ever see yourself writing a completely different genre, say historical or sci-fi for example?

Reader 2 5:02 PM could do it....and you could technically if you wanted to write about Veronica and Skylar and also do a sequel with Avery and Olivia as well there's 2 books for you!!

Amanda 5:03 PM

I've been thinking about dabbling in romantic suspense, for my next project? With death and murder and a cold case? Not 100 on it yet though, because thats a lot of research involved

Reader 1 5:03 PM

Ooh, yeah - we need more romantic suspense in lesfic!

Reader 4 5:03 PM

Wanting to stay in your lane is definitely a valid reason :sparkling_heart: I mean, you could always just write a book that's not really a sequel in any traditional sense but includes a little crossover action we all love that

Reader 2 5:04 PM

yes we do need more romantic's my favorite besides medical

Amanda 5:05 PM

Good idea, Reader 4. I'd rather promote more authors of color in lesfic, which I think esp in romance we need to do, given what's happened with the RWA, than to put myself in somone else's story I shouldn't be telling

Reader 4 5:05 PM

Oh definitely :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Amanda 5:06 PM

How about Medical/Lawyer/Romantic suspense? Get it chocked full of pencil skirts

Reader 5 5:06 PM

Ohhh yeah!!

Reader 2 5:07 PM

ooo...YES PLEASE!!! I would be in heaven!!!

Amanda 5:07 PM

That's a lot of research. But y'all are def giving me confidence to go in the suspense direction.

Reader 2 5:07 PM

I love that you see more medical/cop so would be amazing to see a change from that lol

Reader 1 5:08 PM

Do you have something you’re working on right now, Amanda?

Amanda 5:09 PM

I literally just gave my next book, Fire & Water, to my editor this afternoon. So I'm feeling a little lost atm, and putting feelers out for the next book idea

Reader 1 5:09 PM

Woo hoo, congrats on that milestone!

Reader 4 5:09 PM

That's so exciting :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart: I can't wait to see it!!

Reader 2 5:10 PM

Whispers write suspense write suspense...... LOL

Reader 1 5:10 PM

Also… That’s the glassblowing book, yes? I can’t wait for it. Is there a release date yet?

Amanda 5:10 PM

I'm really proud of this book. I started in in the fall of 2017, so it's been with me a long time, and as sad as I am to see it go out into the world, I'm so ready to share it with everyone

Reader 5 5:10 PM

Where is it set?

Amanda 5:11 PM

Yes, my glass blowing book. I'm hoping i'll get it back this week, or next. So early March for release. And it's set in Vermont this time

Reader 2 5:11 PM


Reader 1 5:11 PM

Me too!

Reader 2 5:12 PM

I think I need to go watch Three To Tango with Neve Campbell cause DAMN!

Reader 5 5:12 PM

If your first Book is any indication of how your next book will be, I can’t wait to read it. It’s gonna be awesome

Amanda 5:13 PM

I think the growth in my writing, and my style is going to be surprising. But in a very good way.

I hope everyone likes it

Reader 4 5:13 PM

That's a good way to tempt me given how lovely this first book already was 🥰🥰🥰

Amanda 5:15 PM

It's an age-gap, enemy-to-lover, with a little bit of second chance thrown in there. Aside from the two MCs, I think you'll equally enjoy the supportive cast in this one as well

Reader 1 5:15 PM

Nice. How big is the age gap?

Reader 5 5:15 PM

Sounds great

Amanda 5:16 PM

15 :upside_down_face: a good, decent gap LOL

Reader 4 5:16 PM

Ohhh enemies-to-lovers trash over here

Reader 1 5:16 PM

I like reading the bigger age gaps - makes it more challenging for them to get over their differences and make it work

We’re a little past the top of the hour - does anyone have questions for Amanda they’ve been holding onto? Or Amanda, any more questions for us?

Amanda 5:18 PM

Same. I love age-gaps. And My one MC is 50. I wanted to give a loving shout out to the older ladies. I think there's a lot of emphasis on younger women in romance, so that was my decision with making her "older"

Reader 4 5:19 PM

Ooooohhh I have a question for Amanda, Amanda why are you perfect :heart_eyes:

Reader 1 5:19 PM

Definitely, and I love that in lesfic we have readers all across the demographics who are excited to read about different types of main characters. In contemporary/straight romance, it’s all very same-same, so I’m glad we get that kind of diversity!

Amanda 5:19 PM

stop making me blush, Reader 4 lol

Reader 4 5:19 PM

Lesfic is the best fic 🥰

Reader 1 5:20 PM

We just found our new slogan

Reader 7 5:20 PM

Meanwhile this nearly 50 yr old decrepit old woman is off to bed night (edited)

Reader 4 5:21 PM

So yeah in summary Amanda you're amazing and the book was amazing and I'm grateful to have you here and to have you and your writing in my life

Amanda 5:22 PM

Y'all are awesome. I'm humbled by everyone's kind words. I'm so happy you enjoyed Tides

Reader 9 5:24 PM

It was a good book. It took me a while to read through compared to other books though. I loved the layers of prose and description in the book, but it also slowed down my reading speed a touch. Though in a way that's good because i think things stuck with me more because of that. It was a new experience.

Reader 4 5:24 PM

Oh yeah how many words was the book? I think I drowned my own question in fangirling anyway but I was wondering that

Amanda 5:24 PM

It was long-winded in places lol I'll admit that. I think it ended up around 105k

Reader 1 5:25 PM

Ooh wow, even more respect for finishing it in 2.5 years in that case - that’s basically 2 books compared to most lesfic

Reader 4 5:25 PM

Oh, gosh. Yeah that's the length of both my current books put together :joy:

Amanda 5:26 PM

Fire and Water ended at 85k. I think it speaks for my growth this time around

Reader 2 5:26 PM

meh...longer books are better!!!

Reader 1 5:26 PM

BUT how many pages of that are sex scenes? :smile:

Amanda 5:27 PM

It's still a decent chunk, and the sex scene is good and an equally slow burn

Reader 4 5:28 PM

I was kinda hoping for it to be an indecent chunk tbh

Reader 5 5:28 PM

That alone speaks to her talent!! It’s difficult enough writing an average size book and keep the reader entertained, by to double the size and still manage to make the readers want more is amazing

Reader 4 5:28 PM

Right?? Amanda is a genius and we're keeping her thx

Amanda 5:28 PM

Thanks, Reader 5